My Other Side

Apart from my technical skills, there is another side of me. I strive to be a good human being first. Then a good father, husband, son and brother. Then a dependable friend.

Personally, I have a gift for creativity, philanthropy and art. Not that I do not value this gift but I did not nurture these gifts enough. I try, at times, amidst the stress and business of life, to actually live with my creative self. I love music and I enjoy a bit of singing myself. I enjoy art and photography. I also like to express my feelings through poems or writings.



Photography & Art

Here are some photos I have taken.



My love for music

I am blessed to have a few friends who are far more talented and gifted than I am when it comes to music. We like to jam at times.

From my pen

People have their own way of expressing their feelings. I have mine. I do write a few lines at times.