Complete hands-on, test automation architect with knowledge on multiple open source and COTS tools, who can implement continuous integration / continuous delivery pipeline, train people, organize and manage teams… sounds rare? well, it’s me.

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I am known as ‘Swagat’ among my acquaintances. I am 14+ years experienced fully hands-on professional test automation architect delivering continuous testing solutions; helping design and set up of CI/CD pipelines in DevOps; and also offering test automation training to up-skill QA teams.

On hiring me, you get the right blend of hands-on technical and management skills which is key to success for any project. My core values are Honesty, Integrity & Quest for excellence through continuous acquisition of knowledge.

I strongly believe that in the fast paced IT world, there is only an imaginary boundary between a QA and a Dev which people draw more for administrative purpose. That is the reason I am building my code development skills continuously and will soon try my hands at REST services development, front-end development, getting hands-on with Spring boot, mobile application development and start a long term relationship with Python. Eventually, I will emerge as a full-stack developer, who can automate tests, implement DevOps practices and a leader who can drive a team with lots of enthusiasm and motivation.

On the other side of me, I am a photographer, love to travel, write short poems or short stories once in a while, a music lover – a bit of singer my-self, and a big-time foodie.

I am married to my childhood friend Auli, and she has gifted me with two most beautiful girls in the world!

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Only few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked with Swagata.I had the pleasure of working with Swagata at TestingXperts, collaborating on several projects,POC’s & building custom solutions for various clients.

Swagata’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the way projects were being run across TestingXperts.

He’s a hands on manager. His knowledge across various TestAutomation tools and technologies will be an asset to any Team.

As a technical team member or a manager, Swagata earns my highest recommendation.

Source – Linked In

Ajay Bezawada| Full Stack QA Consultant / Freelance Trainer

Swagat has a keen eye to detail especially where the code quality is concerned. He has been very instrumental in setting up robust automation frameworks for some of our customers. His knowledge and passion to get into the details is surely commendable. He is one person I have seen who strives to be hands-on on his subject, no matter what positions he takes up in an organization. This quality makes him a true technical expert especially where new age test automation is concerned.

Source – Linked In

Sandhya Nagaraj | Head – Test Advisory Services – Cigniti