Complete hands-on, test automation architect with knowledge on multiple open source and COTS tools, who can implement continuous integration / continuous delivery pipeline, train people, organize and manage teams… sounds rare? well, it’s me.

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I am known as ‘Swagat’ among my acquaintances. I am 14+ years experienced fully hands-on professional test automation architect delivering continuous testing solutions; helping design and set up of CI/CD pipelines in DevOps; and also offering test automation training to up-skill QA teams.

On hiring me, you get the right blend of hands-on technical and management skills which is key to success for any project. My core values are Honesty, Integrity & Quest for excellence through continuous acquisition of knowledge.

I strongly believe that in the fast paced IT world, there is only an imaginary boundary between a QA and a Dev which people draw more for administrative purpose. That is the reason I am building my code development skills continuously and will soon try my hands at REST services development, front-end development, getting hands-on with Spring boot, mobile application development and start a long term relationship with Python. Eventually, I will emerge as a full-stack developer, who can automate tests, implement DevOps practices and a leader who can drive a team with lots of enthusiasm and motivation.

On the other side of me, I am a photographer, love to travel, write short poems or short stories once in a while, a music lover – a bit of singer my-self, and a big-time foodie.

I am married to my childhood friend Auli, and she has gifted me with two most beautiful girls in the world!

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Swagat first worked with me around 2004-05 when I was global testing head for Virtusa. He was a fresh graduate back then. Later he worked with me very closely as Test Manager when I was Sr VP at TestingXperts. Right from day 1 he was owning 15 projects in parallel along with leading test automation CoE. He showed great commitment to clients and all the projects had shown upward trend under him. After his short stint at TX, as a freelance technical consultant, he helped me co-found CloudScaleQA. He helped me with a wide range of things – website content as well as hosting, pursuing prospective clients, recruitment, designing and deploying 4 DIY tools and many more things. He not only has in-depth technical knowledge of test automation and multiple test automation tools, he also has great problem solving skills using which he coded back-end logic for one of the DIY tools. Also, he owned design (logic-and back-end DB) for one of the DIY tools completely. He constantly upgrades his skills. He is also a very good trainer.

Source – Linked In

Madhu Murty Ronanki | CEO – CloudScaleQA

I have managed Swagata at Virtusa. He is technically strong and a very hard working person.I am very much impressed with swagata’s attitude and productivity. He will be an asset to the organization wherever he works.

Source – Linked In

Murthy Kanuri | Head of QA at Tantalum Corporation